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UK Real Estate Loan Market Insight

Shripal Shah Real Estate September 2018
JCRA UK Real Estate Loan Market Insight is our latest white paper that analyses key trends in the market over the past 12 months.

Drawing from our direct experience of advising clients on their financing and hedging needs, we explore 100 transactions totalling £7 billion arranged with 45 lenders. Covering a sizeable portion of the UK real estate loans market – about 15 percent – the report provides an up-to-date breakdown of activity in the sector.

Harnessing data on loan transactions across eight asset groups, it highlights where volumes are rising and falling; reveals what is driving a shift in borrower funding requirements; demonstrates which type of lenders are most dynamic in the UK market and their impact; and provides detail on a selection of our recent transactions.

This is market intelligence vital to borrowers, lenders and other service providers active in the UK real estate loan market.

To understand what has driven a 46 percent increase in transaction volume over the period, why refinancing volumes are up, and LTV loans are in demand, download the report.

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