Adrian Bell Director
Adriana Sousa Business Support and HR Coordinator
Ahmed Babikir Consultant
Alex Morgan Director
Alison Barwell Group Head of HR
Alistair Hardie Group Chairman
Andrew Farley Group Head of Compliance & Risk
Andy Scott Associate Director
Anika Panchal Consultant
Benoit Duhil de Benaze Director
Brian Phelan Director
Caroline Saadoun Director
Charlotte Montague Executive Assistant
Chris Towner Director
Colin Tuley Group Head of IT
Craig Sim Head of Client Technology
David Lane IT Support Specialist
Dawn Kravitz Director
Duncan Salter Director
Ed Fisher Associate, Hedge Accounting
Edgar Simmons Graduate Consultant
Faisal Rutansingwa Accounts Assistant
Francesco Podestà Director
George Fordy Business Intelligence Analyst
Gina Sullivan Director
Gregory Curtis Associate Director
Henrietta Podd Director
Hugh Sutcliffe Director
Hugo Cusani Associate Director
Ian MacFarlane Director
Ivan Harkins Group Chief Innovation Officer
Jackie Bowie Group Chief Executive Officer
Jackson Smith Associate Director, Quantitative R&D
Joana Cardoso Associate
Joe Tollet Graduate Consultant
Joshua Roberts Associate Director
Katherine Sibley-Denne Group Head of Finance
Lionel Kruger Director
Luke Sanders Consultant
Mahir Vekaria IT Support Assistant
Marcello Medda Associate Director
Matthew Kaard Consultant
Matthew Waterman Group Chief Operating Officer
Michael Leslie Director
Moritz Sterzinger Director
Naomi Cunningham Receptionist
Natasha Rocker Digital Marketing Executive
Niki Gully Office Manager
Nora Lamping Business Development Executive
Paco Carballo Director
Patrick Reim Trainee Consultant
Peter Turk Director
Poppy Watkins Marketing Executive
Raeed Khandaker Graduate Consultant
Regina Malzburg-Collins Group Head of Marketing
Rhona Macpherson Associate Director
Richard Conway Director
Rishin Patel Director
Ross Jennison Associate
Ryan McCrickerd Director, Quantitative R&D
Sam Goldman Director
Shane Canavan Director
Shripal Shah Director
Simon Kandeya Business Intelligence Analyst
Simon Marshall Director
Sohail Singal Associate
Tom Barclay Finance Manager
Wesley McDonald Associate

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