Shane Canavan


I advise real estate clients on managing, pricing and structuring hedging strategies, in particular on interest rate risk.

T: +44 (0)207 493 3310

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  • Commodity Hedging
  • Deal Contingent Hedging
  • Debt Advisory
  • Dispute Resolution
  • FX Hedging
  • Hedge Accounting
  • Inflation Hedging
  • Interest Rate Hedging
  • Real Estate


  • CFA Charterholder
  • BSc Economics and Economics History, London School of Economics

About Shane

I joined JCRA in 2010 having gained work experience in the private equity sector.

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Published work

More Brexit bluster…

Friday brought about the largest one-day fall in sterling since the general election 15 months ago, as the possibility of a no-deal Brexit scenario increased.

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Mounting momentum behind an August increase

In the UK the market-implied probability of a quarterly rate increase in August increased to 80% this week, as GDP figures suggested the economy is regaining momentum.

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A European taper-tantrum afoot?

Five years ago, global markets went into hysterics at the mere hint that the Fed might taper its quantitative easing program – an event commonly known as the ‘taper-tantrum’.

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Central banks to look through short-term volatility

It has been a long-held view of the markets that central banks, in particular the Fed, would temper any monetary policy tightening when met with bouts of market volatility.

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The secret’s out: Inflation rates (and volatility) are going up

Last week was certainly eventful, as global equity markets underwent ‘corrections’ in excess of 10%, as accompanied by record levels of withdrawals in response to a realisation that the safety-net of ultra-loose monetary policy, in the form of ultra-low interest rates and asset-buying by central banks, is to be withdrawn.

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