Chris Towner


I joined as a Director and specialise in the provision of FX advice to funds, corporates and private equity clients. With a background in banking and corporate dealing, coupled with 15 years’ experience in advising corporates and funds on their FX exposures, my role at JCRA is to help clients protect themselves against currency risk.

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  • Private Equity
  • Corporates
  • FX Hedging
  • Real Estate

About Chris

Prior to JCRA, Chris worked at Barclays Capital on the foreign exchange trading desk for eight years before joining HiFX (now XE.com) for 15 years where he was responsible for the corporate side of the business for dealing and advisory.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family as well as my other passions such as running, travel, restaurants and live music. I also like to keep in touch with different circles of friends that I have formed over the years.

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Published work

Sterling Jumps Back to Life

Brexit has made uncertainty the norm causing traders over the past 18 months to sit on their hands while faced with a binary risk...

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Spring cleaning your financial risk policy?

If your business or fund has the requirement to hold cash, there’s no time like the present to review yields..

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Understanding currency impact at fund level

In December 2016 the FOMC initiated its current hiking cycle, raising rates by 25bps. Since then, gradually but consistently, we have seen the FOMC continue to tighten interest rates.

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Are you prepared for a spike in FX volatility?

Generally, uncertainty breeds volatility in financial markets. If you have risk within your business or on fund level and you are considering hedging it, it is far easier to plan your strategy in a low volatility environment

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The growing influence of the US Dollar

When US rates push higher, USD denominated debt in emerging markets becomes more expensive.

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Choppy Waters or Smooth Hedge? In 2019 protecting your budget exchange rate will be crucial

Drawing from our 30 year’s of experience advising clients globally and across sectors on how to hedge their FX exposure, we have compiled our top 10 tips to address budge rate setting.

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The outlook for the US dollar – A Self Fulfilling Prophecy?

Prophecies in the FX markets can end up being self-fulfilling. We are witnessing one at the moment with the US dollar. It starts with an improving economy and this leads to expectations and realities of higher interest rates, which strengthen the currency.

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Bank of England raise interest rates by 25bps to 0.75%

After Mark Carney poured cold water over the potential of a rate hike in the first quarter, which given the dip in economic activity we saw back then was the right thing to do, the Bank of England have today decided that the time is right to increase interest rates by 25bps to 0.75%.

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