Finance Watch – January 2019

Finance Watch – January 2019

Ian MacFarlane Project Finance & Infrastructure January 2019

This article was first published by Partnerships Bulletin.

As I write, Prime Minister Theresa May has managed to defeat a no confidence vote in Parliament, leaving the way clear to battle on with her relentless Brexit quest. Only the previous day, her long-awaited Brexit plan was rejected in spectacular fashion by MPs, leaving only a limited number of choices on the table.

I will try not to dwell on this ‘popular’ subject too long as by the time you read this article everything may have changed. However, financial markets seem to have digested recent developments with a positive spin. The pound has remained remarkably resilient of late and it appears that markets are betting that a no-deal Brexit is now far less likely, with a soft Brexit or Norway style deal being the favourite. Or, of course, no Brexit at all!

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