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Deal Contingent Hedging for Private Equity, Infrastructure and Corporates

Join JCRA and Mayer Brown for a webinar on deal contingent hedging. We will discuss recent market trends and the legal challenges associated with executing a deal contingent hedge.

During the webinar we will discuss:

1) A brief introduction and overview of the deal contingent market

2) Recent market trends and developments (asset classes, end user/underlying situation, corporate/infrastructure funds/take private/IPO)

3) Operational and legal challenges to executing a successful deal contingent hedge (deal documentation, NFC- vs FC/NFC+ for margin)

Can’t join the live webinar?

A recording of the webinar will be available post event. Register today and we will send you a recording as soon as it is available.

Please contact natasha.rocker@jcrauk.com if you have any further questions.

The webinar either no longer exists or an error has occured.

Webinar Speakers

Benoit de Benaze
Benoit de Benaze Director & Head of Private Equity, JCRA

Rishin Patel
Rishin Patel Director & Head of Project Finance & Infrastructure, JCRA

Chris Arnold
Chris Arnold Partner, Derivatives & Structured Products, Mayer Brown