De-risking FX volatility

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Hear about practical steps on how to safeguard your business from currency exposure.

During the webinar we will discuss:

1. Current macro-economic trends that could impact your FX exposure

2. Do’s and don’ts of managing FX risk and how to develop an effective FX strategy

3. A step-by-step case study on how Capital Economics successfully managed its currency exposure from growing USD revenues

4. Accounting implications of hedging and which accounting rules you need to consider

5. Questions and answers to the expert panel from JCRA and Capital Economics

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Please contact natasha.rocker@jcrauk.com if you have any further questions.

De-risking FX volatility webinar

27/2/201911:30am GMT45 minutes

Webinar Speakers

Chris Towner
Chris Towner Director at JCRA

Paco Carballo
Paco Carballo Director at JCRA

Neil Shearing
Neil Shearing Board member & Group Chief Economist at Capital Economics