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Introducing Ada: JCRA’s online client portal

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Discover how Ada can help you:

Immediate access to your portfolio

View all debt and derivative instruments within your portfolio, at group or entity level

Analyse detailed treasury reports

Real-time and projected analyses into the performance of your risk management strategies

Support complex hedge accounting

An instant IFRS9, US GAAP and UK GAAP (FRS102) derivative accounting solution

Introducing Ada

Innovation is at the heart of JCRA and that’s why we’re bringing together our derivatives expertise and technology to help you manage your hedging strategy seamlessly.

The perfect tool for financial directors, portfolio managers and accounting teams, Ada helps you manage your interest rate risk more efficiently.

We have engineered a supportive platform designed to strengthen existing treasury management systems and minimise the load of financial reporting. New modules will be added to the Ada platform in the future including FX.

Ada Lovelace

Our platform is proudly named after Ada Lovelace, the 19th century mathematician, writer and computing pioneer, whose former residence at 12 St James’s Square we now call our London home.

Ada Lovelace was a true innovator, the first to recognise the many potential functions of a computing machine. Her vision is mirrored in the thinking behind our product today – a single platform to consolidate vast quantities of derivatives information and positions across multiple projects.


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